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Picture Pricelist

Printed :

Postcard                   =                 R20.00

A5                             =                 R30.00

A4                             =                 R60.00

A3                             =                 R150.00

A1                             =                 POR

A0                             =                 POR

Canvas                     =                 POR


Digital                       =                 R30.00


All the photos on our site can be ordered in digital format to be e-mailed to  the address supplied on the order form.

A digital copy of your photo will be e-mailed as soon as payment confirmation  has been received.

All digital photo's will be priced @ R30.00 each.

NB: Please note that due to photos getting damaged in the  post, no photos will be posted in  future.


 Order Form for Event and other Pictures