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Digital Photography Training School and Photo Club

LABNETICS Photography Training School hosts a variety of part-time introductory and advanced photographic courses tailored to address the needs digital camera enthusiasts. Classes are small, for personalized training and particular emphasis is placed on individual participation and group interaction. Most of our courses run for the duration of between three and eight weeks as evening sessions. We also offer short intensive courses and one-on-one personalized sessions.


Introductory Photographic Course (Six Weeks) or available in a one day intensive course or a one on one course

Our beginner’s courses are designed to provide you with the technical and compositional skills required to create a strong photographic image. These courses are practically orientated and include weekly  shooting assignments. Hence the one day or one on one courses would only be recomender for extreme emergencies


Intermediate Photographic Courses (Three Weeks)

Once you feel comfortable with your camera and are keen to further develop your photographic skill and knowledge, we suggest you enroll for one of our intermediary courses or workshops.


Advanced Photographic Courses (Three Weeks)

We recommend that students complete both an introductory and intermediary photographic course before enrolling for one of our advanced classes. These are high level entry courses and require students to be committed to their own creative process.


 Price Structure :

Intro six week course  =  R2,880.00

Intro one day intensive   =  R1200.00

Intermediate three week =  R1680.00

Advanced three week     =  R1680.00

One on one four hour     =  R1500.00

Photo Club Membership =  R150.00 per year

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